Friday, June 17, 2011

Kindergarten Shapes

At the beginning of the year, I do a lot of work with my kindergartners on shapes. What are the shapes, how do you make the shapes, where do you see the shapes, etc.

One very simple activity that we do is an activity with die-cut shapes. I usually have a large tub filled with shapes that the students are learning about in their classroom. We start the lesson by reviewing the shapes and how we make them: how many sides and vertexes. Then we go around the room looking for these shapes.

I give each child 1 shape and they have to create a picture using that 1 shape. A rectangle could be a book, a house, a TV, etc. Then we come back to the carpet and they share their creations.

Then I give them 3 shapes. This gets a little harder for them. With the 3 shapes, they have to create 1 composition. How can they put these shapes together to create 1 object? It gets their creativity going and gets some of them thinking outside of the box!

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