Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to school Ideas

A fellow art teacher in my district (smART Class) recently asked for back to school ideas.  Thanks, Natalie, for the suggestion! I had forgotten all about this project!! Here is a project that I did a couple of years ago. Each grade level had their own contribution towards these life-size sihouettes.

PK-Kinder: were traced onto black butcher paper for the black silhouettes (I had 2 parent volunteers who did all of the tracing for me). They also traced their hands and made the flowers that the silhouettes are holding

1st and 2nd grade: painted the colored backgrounds onto white butcher paper and glued the silhouettes onto the colored backgrounds

3rd grade: painted the white outlines and cut out all of the silhouettes

4th and 5th grade: painted all of the intricate patterns onto the colored background and helped hang all of the pieces.

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