Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kindergarten Art Eyes


· watercolor paper
· tempera cakes
· paintbrushes
· water cups

The main purpose of doing this activity was to get the students adjusted to using their entire paper and teaching them the proper painting procedures. The end product turned out so much better than I could have anticipated!!!!

I tried to give the students colors that did not correlate with their true eye colors, leading them to be creative in their paintings.

I had them look in a mirror and find the shapes- ovals, circles, etc.
We talked about how their brush needed to take a bath after each color so that the other colors would not get dirty and then I let them go for it!

Gorgeous!! Pin It

Fifth Grade Reptiles

Materials Needed

· 9 x 24 black paper
· pencils
· erasers
metallic markers

Chameleon's Colors Chisato Tashiro
Visuals of chameleons, iguanas and other reptiles

I started this project by reading Chameleon's Colors by Chisato Tashiro to my fifth grade students. Then the students had to draw a reptile that incorporated at least 3 pattterns, 2 visual textures.

In their sketchbook, they practiced drawing a reptile, including a branch for it to sit on. Then we talked about the different patterns that we could use for different sections of the reptile.

When they were ready, they drew their reptile on a piece of black paper and sketched in the different sections.

They added color by using metallic markers. Pin It

New 2010 Projects!!!

I am ready to start posting the projects that my students have been working on this year! Yea! It's been a very busy beginning of the year.

We were fortunate enough to get a new building this year- WOW! New building, new furniture, new everything! That does not happen often!

It's been fun reorganizing, cleaning out and starting fresh! Pin It