Thursday, June 23, 2011

Second Grade Aztec Art

 This project was pretty much the same as the the third grade Illuminated Initials that I do, however, the second graders get a much smaller piece of copper. I really love the effect of the copper and the permanent markers.

I start this project out by reading the book Musicians of the Sun by Gerald McDermott to the classes.

While I am reading, I have the students focus on:
1)  the characters in the book (Night, Sun, Wind, Turtle Woman, Alligator Woman, Fish Woman)

2) lines and shapes used in the illustrations

3) colors used in the illustrations

After I am finished reading, I show them a PowerPoint that I put together with symbols for each of the the characters from the story. We talk about the Aztecs and where they were from. The majority of my school is from Mexico, so they absolutely LOVE this part!

Then they get to choose the character that they would like to illustrate.
I give the students a piece of 5 x 5 manila paper (the same size as the copper that they will get later on). I have them draw their character on the paper with the following rules:

1) it must touch all 4 sides of the paper (easier for some students than others)
2) it must have at least 1 pattern (using either shapes, lines or a combination of both)

When they finish drawing their character, they get a piece of copper and tape. I have them tape the manila paper onto the BACK of the copper (the copper is 36 gauge. It is copper on 1 side and silver on the other. I have them tape the manila paper to the silver side)

The place the copper with their drawing on top of their sketchbooks and trace their picture. For this part, we joke about how they have to use their muscles so that the picture will come through to the other side. The spend a lot of time flipping back and forth so that they can see it as it develops.

The students leave their picture taped onto their copper. I have them use their pencil and they color the image. The do not color their patterns.

When they have finished coloring their image, they flip it over and color the pattern on the copper side (this presses the pattern into the copper).

When they are completely finished, they have a bas relief of their Aztec image.

They use Sharpie markers to color the images. In the past, I have done a color lesson at this point, but I have found that letting them have freedom to use any colors makes for more dramatic end results.

These turned out so well, that I chose 1 from each of my 2nd grade classes to take to an art auction. I had them framed and it sold for almost $100. Pin It