Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Since we are starting a brand new year, I thought I would post some pictures of my classroom set up. Some show my basic organizational strategies, some are wall displays, discipline, etc. I would love to see your rooms! If you have pictures, leave your blog address so that we can check out your space. I am always looking for new ways to organize my room.

Class sketchbooks
Outside of sketchbook cabinet

No room/need for a desk- I just use the top of a paper cabinet for my personal workspace.

Seascape, portrait, architecture, sculpture, still-life and landscape art prints

Art books and book jackets displayed above cabinets. We are not allowed to use this space for storage- it is against fire code. So I use it as display space. No wasted space!!

I have 8 really large tables. It is very hard to find a good placement for them all. I have tried placing them together to great larger tables. This year, I am going with this configuration. We will see how this works once we get going on projects...

My elementary students have a hard time grasping the concept that glaze changes (sometimes drastically!) once it is fired. Therefore, one year, I decided to create a visual for them. A dab of each color that I had (I try to keep up as I order new and fun colors) with the name next to it. Then as we work on a clay project, they can go see what the color will look like on their finished project.

Window display

Wall display

Bulletin boards

Table points, after you finish your work...

Outside of the artroom: art career awareness. I try to change this out once a month. Our school really focuses on career awareness, so this is my contribution.

I post my daily objectives outside my door. I got tired of having little fingers erase my board, so I bought a cheap shower curtain. I cut it to fit the board and strategically placed pieces of velcro around the outside. Now I can just lift the plastic when I need to change the objectives. So much easier and less frustration!!

Each table is labeled with an artist. This is how I call tables to get materials, line up, etc. I also xeroxed basic drawing tips (lines, patterns, shapes, facial proportions) and hung them on hooks at each table. Now there is a quick reference at their fingertips!

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  1. I love the idea of having a reference at each table for lines, shapes, etc.! I will have to try that one!