Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kindergarten O'Keeffe Flowers

 I think this may be my favorite project so far this year- I may even take a couple and frame them for my house! They turned out absolutely beautiful- all thanks to the post that I saw on Art with Mr. E. I saw the flowers that his students had done and had to try it in my room. Success!

We started by drawing a circle in the middle of our paper and 6 lines radiating out from the center.

Then I had plates of paint for each table: 2 colors plus 2 white.

I showed them how to start in the middle of their
paper and pull the paint towards the edge. Some of them got it, others no. However, some of the ones that did not get the "center-out" idea, ended up with the most interesting flowers, so I didn't stress about it.

The hardest part for the students was not having water to rinse their brushes (I probably need to do this lesson before I get into the painting procedures that I have set up for the art room).

The next week,  they used oil pastels to redefine their lines and add details to the center of their flowers.

Thank you, Mr. E!!! I will definitely be doing this lesson again!!!

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