Friday, January 20, 2012

Kindergarten Dreamcatchers

Kindergarten is studying North American art. One of the projects that they did before the holidays was to create a Native American dreamcatcher. We had a discussion about dreams- good and bad. Then they talked about what a dreamcatcher could do- catch their dreams (very literal for my second language learners).

I gave each student a paper plate and had them fold it like a taco. They cut the center out using the line that was already on the plate as their guide.

I had pre-wound small spheres of yarn and each child was allowed to choose the color that they wanted. I showed them how to wind the yarn around the plate, making sure to go all the way around to fill up the plate.

They chose a different color yarn and used this to create the web in the middle of the dreamcatcher (winding around the outside of the plate this time).

The next step was probably the most difficult. I put a container of beads on each table and showed them how to take a piece of string and thread it through their yarn so that it was hanging down. They took 5 beads and threaded them onto the string. Originally, I thought that I would have them tie them on- bad idea! I quickly revised my plan and just had them bead and then raise their hand so that I could come around and tie knots for them.

At the end, I let them choose 5 feathers (I had to limit them on the beads and feathers, or else I would have run out of both by the end of the first class!) and they placed them around their dreamcatcher to finish it off!

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