Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kindergarten Monsters

This was the second project with my kindergartners where I had choices set up in stations for their project.

I began by reading them one of my new favorite books, I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll. Once we were done with the book, the students were shown all of the projects. I had each project set up at a station with 8 spaces available. Once the spaces were filled, the station was closed to anyone else.

Station 1:
Sponge painting monster-
Students had a tray of paint with sponges. They used the sponges to create a general monster shape on a piece of construction paper.
For the second class, they used a basket of sequins, foam shapes and beads to decorate and add eyes, horns, fingers, etc.
The last day was used to add a variety of lines to their monsters: zig zag, wavy, straight, etc using construction paper crayons.

Station 2:
Marker monsters-
Students drew a monster with pencil and then traced it with black marker. They used the black marker to add lines (wavy, zig zag, etc).
The next class was used to color their monsters with markers.
The last day they decorated their monsters with sequins, foam shapes and beads.

Station 3:
Coffee tin monsters-
Students made a monster out of an International Coffee tin (one of our teachers donated 3 large boxes full of these wonderful tins- with their lids!). I used scissors to cut a mouth shape for the students and then they painted the tin with tempera paint.
The 2nd day was used for decorating with sequins, foam shapes and beads.
The last day, they used construction paper crayons to add lines.
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