Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First grade Cezanne's

The 3 choices that the students had for creating a Cezanne inspired project were:

Paper mache fruit- The students practiced drawing a variety of different fruits by looking at samples that I had bought at Hobby Lobby. They worked on getting the right shapes and making it large. Once they had their pictures ready, they uised newspaper and tape to create the basic form of the fruit/vegetable that they wanted to create. They covered this with colored tissue paper to make it look more realistic. I placed a variety of the fruits and veggies into baskets to create fruit bowls.

The second Cezanne-inspired project was a still-life. I placed a variety of objects on the still-life table and the showed the students how to draw them objects so that they were touching (not sitting next to each other). They traced these with black marker and then used color sticks to color them.

The last project that I had set up was a bluebonnet project. I had some bluebonnets that I had found at Hobby Lobby set up on the table. To help the students draw the flowers large, I created viewfinders for them. This helped them focus on the petals and the colors in the flowers. They drew the flowers on white paper and then traced them with black glue. Once the glue was dry, they used liquid watercolor to add the colors. I limited the colors that were in their pallette, by only giving them a variety of blues and greens.

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