Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tall Tales Summer Program- Day 1

We started our summer program today. The book for today was Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre. 

Not only did the children love this book (predicting what was going to happen to Matty next), but the parents enjoyed it, too. I have a feeling it reminded them of their little ones.

After reading the book, we broke off into our three groups and began making art.

Our first project was a glue shirt. I found this idea at Painted Paper. I had a pattern for the children to trace onto a piece of paper. They cut out the shirt and then folded the shirt in half. They painted on 1 side and then created a print by refolding the paper. Then they decorated the shirts with yarn and hole punches, sequins, foam shapes, scrapbook paper and any other random materials we could find.

Our second project was a "stick puppet", which I found at K-6 Art. They started out by gluing precut pieces of corrugated cardboard onto a large piece of paper. Some of the students got creative and cut their cardboard into the shapes that they wanted. They decorated these with buttons, sequins, yarn, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, and any other materials that they could think of.

The last project that the student worked on was a self-portrait (Pinterest). They cut out a body from a large piece of paper. It was decorated with a variety of materials. While they were working on this, the teacher walked around and took a picture close-up picture of each child. These were printed out and then glued onto the bodies. I only got 1 picture because these took a little longer to complete.
The students were able to complete all 3 projects in a 2 hour time period (with the help of their parent/caregiver, the high school volunteers and 3 teachers).

For our first day..... 60-70 children plus adults! Tomorrow's book.... Zonk, The Dreaming Tortoise by David Hoobler.

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