Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tall Tales and Art- Summer 2015 (Day 3)

The last book for this week was Octupus' Garden by Ringo Starr.

After reading the book, the children had 3 projects to work on.

Project 1: Jellyfish in a bottle.
The children were asked to bring a water bottle for this project. They filled the water bottles with blue tinted water (blue food coloring) and then made their jellyfish out of clear produce bags. The cut the bottom off of the bag and then cut the bag in half (each bag making 2 jellyfish). An air bubble was made in the middle of the bag (the head) and it was tied loosely with thread. The children used scissors to cut the tentacles for their jellyfish. Before placing the jellyfish into the bottle, they filled the air bubble with water and then placed the bag into the bottle, sealing it with the cap. We noticed that at first, the bags just looked like a clump of plastic. Once they had sat for awhile, though, they started looking more like jellyfish.

Project 2: Tissue paper seahorses.
Each child was given a Seahorse Template. They covered the template with bleeding tissue paper and water. Once it was completely covered, the tissue paper was removed and the pieces were cut out and glued to a piece of black construction paper. For the little ones, parents helped the children cut out the seahorse in its entirety (instead of all of the tiny pieces) and glued this onto the paper.

Project 3: Aluminum foil sea creatures
The children drew the sea creature of their choice onto a piece of tag board (our high school volunteers drew out some templates for those that felt the need to trace the outline of their creature) and then cut the creature out. Each creature was covered with a piece of aluminum foil. I had planned on buying rolls of aluminum, but when I was at Dollar Tree, I found boxes of aluminum sheets. What a great idea! Each child received a precut piece of aluminum, without all of the waste! I love it! And it was so inexpensive!

Once the animal was covered with aluminum, they used Sharpies to color them.

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