Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fifth Grade Reptiles

Materials Needed

· 9 x 24 black paper
· pencils
· erasers
metallic markers

Chameleon's Colors Chisato Tashiro
Visuals of chameleons, iguanas and other reptiles

I started this project by reading Chameleon's Colors by Chisato Tashiro to my fifth grade students. Then the students had to draw a reptile that incorporated at least 3 pattterns, 2 visual textures.

In their sketchbook, they practiced drawing a reptile, including a branch for it to sit on. Then we talked about the different patterns that we could use for different sections of the reptile.

When they were ready, they drew their reptile on a piece of black paper and sketched in the different sections.

They added color by using metallic markers. Pin It

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