Friday, September 9, 2011

Fifth Grade Sketchbooks

Every year, my 2nd through 5th graders make their own sketchbooks. We make these out of basic manila and construction paper, stapled together. The students use these to do quick drawings of what they want their final product to look like. At the end of the year, the students get to take them home and they have a sketchbook to draw in over the summer. Last year, I gave the students a challenge: keep your sketchbook and draw in it throughout the summer vacation. Bring it back in the fall and I will automatically give you extra credit. I actually had quite a few students who took this challenge to heart and brought their sketchbooks to me during the first 2 weeks of school.
This year, I decided to splurge on the 5th grade sketchbooks. I bought a journal making kit from Sax (Item #404154).

The students used metallic watercolor paint and painted 2 pieces of paper (I gave them a choice of white or black- next year, I might give them more options) and they filled the pages with color.

When the pages were filled with color, they ripped the papers into pieces the size of a quarter.

They applied the pieces to the chipboard covers using tempera varnish, creating a collage effect.

 When both boards were completely dry, they assembled their sketchbook with 2 chipboards, 30 pages and 1 spiral binder. I let them use metallic markers to decorate the covers. Throughout the year, they will be able to use these to plan out their projects, draw, create a scrapbook, etc. At the end of the year, they will have a genuine sketchbook to take home.

They are so excited about these- especially since they are the only grade level that got to make them! I debated about spending the money on it, but watching the excitement and pride makes it all worthwhile!
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