Monday, April 2, 2012

Technology in the art room

OK, fellow art educators! I am in the process of having all of my kindergarteners take photos of themselves and edit them on a website that was shown to me- Be Funky. Their self-portraits are turning out so great, that I want to get them published into a book for our school library.

The question for you is- where can I get this done fairly inexpensively? I don't want to spend a fortune since it will be coming out of my own pocket. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Has anyone done this already? How did you go about doing it?

I am also doing the same thing with my 5th graders, but I am going to take their photos, print them out and mount them on a canvas to leave at my school as a legacy project. Can printed photos be covered in Mod Podge? Or is there something else that I can use? Pin It