Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hollibrook Museum Night

I organized and pulled off my first ever Museum Night at my school last week. Phew!

I had at least 1 piece of art on display for each student at my school- that comes to approximately 800 pieces!

The parents were invited to come to the school from 5-7 pm on Wednesday and look at their students masterpieces. As well as artwork, my fourth graders hung art prints for the artists that the school had been learning about and then wrote out museum cards for each one.

Throughout the year, I also worked on videotaping students who had received parent permission. They answered questions about their artwork and these videos were then posted to YouTube and a QR code was create on a website called QR Generator. The parents were then able to use their Smart phones to scan the code and watch their little artists talk about what they had been doing in the art room. For those parents who do not have Smart phones, there were a couple of us walking through the hallway with i Pads at the ready. We scanned the codes for the parents and they were still able to watch the videos.

Overall, an EXHAUSTING process- but so worth it!!! I have already been asked if this will be a yearly occurrence. I certainly hope so!!!

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