Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mehndi Hands

I found this lesson in the April 2011 issue of School Arts magazine. I started the
project out by reading the students the book Nadia's Hands by Karen English and 
Jonathan Weiner. Then we discussed what Mehndi is and compared it to tattoo art, 
which, of course, they are all fascinated by.

I found this wonderful Power Point by Linda Welling that had some great info and really nice photos (I have used a lot of her Power Points in my art room and would like to thank her for the resources and the time and hard work that she has put into them!)

I had them trace their hands onto a piece of watercolor paper at least 2 times.

At this point, I found a couple of YouTube videos that gave good demonstrations of Zentangles.

I had a wide variety of Zentangle resources ready for them to use. They divided each hand into at least 3 sections and then filled each section with a different Zentangle pattern using a fine point Sharpie marker (just an FYI- we went through a LOT of markers- with 120 students, I had to keep a supply on hand).

Once the hands were filled with patterns, they chose their color scheme. I demonstrated how to do a wet-on-wet wash and they filled in the background using liquid watercolors (I have pretty much stopped using the pan watercolors- the liquid lasts so much longer and the colors are beautiful!), letting the colors bleed together.
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