Monday, June 25, 2012

Third Grade Great Barrier Reef

In year's past, 3rd grade's clay project has been fish- Third Grade Clay Fish

This year, in keeping with 3rd grade's study of Australia, their clay project was about the Great Barrier Reef.

I found this great PowerPoint online (unfortunately, I don't know who created it, so I can't give the appropriate credit. Sorry!)

After looking at the PowerPoint, we brainstormed as many different animals as we could think of who live in the Great Barrier Reef. Each student had to create 2 drawings in their sketchbooks of different animals. They were allowed to use the resources that I had available for them or use the Netbooks to look up animals.

Once we had our drawings ready, I did a demonstration of how they could use the clay to build their animals.

Here are some of the animals that were created:

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