Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fourth Grade Sketchbooks

This year I had my fourth graders make a different sketchbook than usual (in the past, we used construction paper and manila paper- boring!). So this year, we branched out.

I had my faculty bring me all of their boxes (cereal, cracker, cookie, etc). I cut them so that they measured 9" x 12".

The students folded these in half.
 They used a ruler to mark off every inch and then used their scissors to make a snip at each line (easier for sewing- I tried it without the snips and it was very difficult to get the needle through cardboard and paper).
I gave them 10 pieces of plain white xerox paper and had them fold it in half. They used their ruler to mark every inch and snipped these, also.
The xerox paper was placed inside of the cardboard and the snips were lined up.
 I had found 2 trays of embroidery thread at a garage sale a few years ago for next to nothing (that will never happen again!), so we used that for sewing. I don't see why you couldn't use any thin string, though.
 I used size 13 tapestry needles for the sewing for a couple of reasons.

First, it was easier to get through all of the paper and cardboard.

Second, I didn't want anyone poking themselves with anything smaller.

These worked really well. I threaded the needles for them for time purposes, but you could always allow the students to do it themselves, if you have the time.

 The students used their threaded needle to sew their pages together. I did all of the knotting (again, time constraints).

I don't know if anyone has seen all of the fun duct tape that has come out lately, but I have been collecting it every time I go to Walmart. Each student was allowed to pick their tape and this was used to bind their book.

Then I had a collection of materials- stencils, markers, confetti, scrapbook paper, etc. They students used this to decorate their books and they were allowed to use Mod Podge if they wanted to.

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