Monday, September 24, 2012

Prekinder Shape Self-Portraits

For my precious little 4 year olds, we started the year by doing a self-portrait. Now for the majority of these students, this is their first exposure to any form of school. They have never used scissors, glue, markers, etc., so we are starting out very slow.

I found a great YouTube video for 3 basic shapes- square, circle and triangle. I warn you, though, it will be stuck in your head for the entire day.....

Then I showed them how to make a self-portrait using shapes (circle, triangle, square and rectangle). The goal of this was exposing them to using glue, so I demonstrated the "just a dot, not a lot" mantra.

For the next class, they used crayons to add eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and any other details that they wanted to add in.

This little one has his arms raised over his head...
 Another one with his arms in the air.
Love the feet on this one.
 She wanted to make ears, so the only shape that worked for her were the triangles.

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