Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tall Tales- I Need My Monster

Today was our last day for the summer! And it was MONSTER day!!!! I read the students this fabulous book that I stumbled upon at Barnes and Noble (I went in for 1 thing and walked out with about 10! Has that ever happened to you?) called I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll.  It may be my new favorite book. The students really liked it and I even heard a few chuckles from the parents as I was reading it to the children.

I also had on hand a couple of other very cute monster books for the students to use as inspiration: There Was An Old Monster (uses the same rhyming pattern as There Was An Old Lady) and Go Away, Big Green Monster

Since this was the last day of our program, we pulled out all of our left over materials and put them out for the children to use and we encouraged them to go crazy!

Once activity was a paper plate monster.(Paper Plate Monsters- scroll to the bottom to see their examples). I bought green paper plates and they glued and glittered their way to some amazing monsters.

The next group made a monster out of Kleenex boxes. (Kleenex Box Monster) I had been asking the parents throughout the program to save their boxes and bring them in for this last project, so we had enough for everybody.

These turned out so cool! If I had room for storage, this would be a keeper for during the school year!

The children covered them with scrapbook paper, wrapping paper (Dollar Tree paper, cut into manageable-sized pieces) and then went to town decorating them. We had lots of Model Magic left over from our chameleon projects the first week of the program, so they had fun creating all kinds of teeth, horns, etc for their monsters.

And the last project of the day was a foam sheet monster. The children were given a 12 x 12 foam sheet. They created their monster by cutting, gluing, drawing, etc, onto the foam sheet.

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