Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kindergarten Romero Britto

 A new project that I did with my kindergarteners this year was based on the art of the artist Romero Britto.

I started by putting together a basic Power Point about Britto. The children loved his artwork. They loved the big bold lines and the bright colors.

 Once we had looked at a variety of images, the we brainstormed ideas for some images that we could draw on our paper. I told them that whatever they drew, it had to be large and that I wanted it to be simplified.

There were lots of hearts, flowers and cars....

 I gave each child a piece of paper (9 x 12) and they drew their image in pencil first. I had them trace the image with black marker and then I taught them how to use a ruler- they LOVED this! They felt like the big kids using this tool! They used the ruler to draw lines through their image to divide the image and then used the marker to trace these lines.

They chose their color scheme (warm or cool) and used markers to color each section of the image. We talked about not letting the same colors touch and then they set to work.

When they had finished coloring the central image, we started on the background. We used the ruler again (reminding them of the proper way to
 use it) and they drew at least 5 lines around the outside of their image (most children drew more).

They used the markers to color the background with the opposite color scheme.
 The finishing touch was using metallic markers to decorate different sections with a variety of lines (straight, zig zag, wavy, etc). Some students decorated only a few spaces and some students went to town and decorated every space they could find!

Overall, I was quite pleased with the end result!

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