Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tall Tales 2014- Elmer the Elephant

Today's book was Elmer by David McKee. 

After reading the book to the children, we started our 3 projects.

One project was a sponge painted Elmer. The students traced a large elephant shape onto a piece of white paper. They used square sponges dipped in paint to paint their elephant. For the sponges, I bought Miracle Sponges from School Specialty. They come in a pack of thin sponges that are easy to cut into whatever shape you want (in this case, small squares). Once they are dipped in water, they expand to their full size.

The second project was an elephant sculpture made out of air dry clay. The student made their sculpture and then placed them onto a piece of cardboard for transport (the parents brought cereal boxes that were cut into manageable sizes). The children painted the elephants with tempera paint. 

The last project of the day was an elephant made out of a milk jug. The jugs were cut in half and we used the part with the handle (this acted as the trunk). The children covered the jugs with tissue paper and watered down glue. They added googly eyes and ears (made out of foam sheets) and then decorated them with yarn, beads, and any other materials they could get their hands on.

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