Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tall Tales 2014- The Wishing Tree

Today was our last Tall Tales session for 2014 and we read The Wishing Tree by Roseanne Thong.  I figured this would be a good way to end our summer classes- making wishes!

The first project was a photograph of the child glued onto a piece of paper. The children used pipe cleaners and yarn to create a dandelion and put it together to make it look like they were blowing the dandelion and making a wish. They wrote their wish on an index card and glued it onto the the paper.

The next project was making a wishing doll. The children made the doll out of a piece of fabric, polyfill and yarn. The yarn was wrapped around the fabric to make the arms and legs. Then they were given beads, charms, feathers, etc to decorate their dolls.

The last project of the day was making a wish card to put onto our wish tree. One of our teachers had an artificial tree that she donated to the museum. The children wrote their wish on an index card and then glued it onto a piece of decorative paper. They added embellishments and then tied the with onto the tree with a ribbon. These were left at the museum and we now have our wishes hanging on display!

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