Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PreKinder Ocean Collages

 The ocean collages that my PreK students did took quite awhile to complete and a lot of patience for little students!

We started the process by covering a piece of drawing paper with pieces of tissue paper. We brushed them onto the paper using a paintbrush and water.

Important note!!!! Make sure when you buy your tissue paper that you get the tissue paper that bleeds. The first time I tried this, I bought the bleedless kind- that doesn't work at all for this type of project.
 After covering the entire paper, we put them on the drying rack and let them dry.

When they came to see me the next time, I had them peel all of the tissue paper off, so that they could see the "magic" transformation of their paper. The excitement is well worth the hundreds of pieces of wadded up tissue paper that were flying all over the place.

We made a game out of picking up the trash and had it cleaned up in no time!
I had the students do 2 steps during this session (I am lucky enough to have the PK teacher and their assistant come with them, so I can have a couple of different activities going at one time).

I had the students finger paint 2-3 pieces of paper and then use a variety of combs, kush balls, sponges, etc to create textures on these papers. These papers were then put to the side to dry to be used later for our fish.

While the students were finger painting, I had a group come to me and we used sponges to paint our ocean floor (brown) and seaweed (fluorescent green).

For the last step of this project, once everything had been painted and was dry, I showed the students how to cut a fish (oval body, triangle tail) and had them cut 2-3 fish. Then they used glue dots to put them into their collage. Pin It