Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PreKinder Shape Printing

When I do printing with my PreKinder students, my favorite resource to use is the book Thinking With a Line by Cathy Topal. The book has some fantastic printing ideas for early childhood, which can easily be adapted for older students as well.

Before I am ready to start this project, I start collecting. I collect: tape rolls, plastic caps (milk, soda bottles, water bottles, etc), corrugated cardboard (I cut this into pieces that are small enough for the students to hold them in their hands), and any other objects that would make an interesting line or shape when printed.

I divide everything up and make a separate basket of "tools" for each table. I put a tray of tempera paint on each table (only 1 color) and then I demonstrate how to dip the tools into the color using an up and down motion. I then show them how to do the same up/down on their paper to create a nice crisp print.

The first week, I let them free explore and print anything they wanted.

The next week, I showed them how they could use the tools to create shapes.

The third week, we used tempera cakes (my personal preference for the younger students) and painted the shapes.
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