Monday, July 7, 2014

PreKinder Sarah Morris Inspirations

This project came about after reading the article, "Inspired by Sarah Morris" by Barbara L. Egenes in the March 2013 Arts and Activities Magazine.

After showing my PreK students some images of Sarah Morris' contemporary artwork and discussing the lines and colors that they were able to find, we began making our own art on a piece of black construction paper.

I had pre-cut masking tape for the children and had it hanging on the edge of their tables. They used this to create their own lines and shapes. This was enough for the first day (I only see my PreK students for 30 minutes).

The next day the students came to art, I introduced them to oil pastels. I showed them how to apply pressure to get nice bright colors and to make sure that they were covering the entire space. We did not get into blending colors (some students, however, did this on their own and created some great colors).

For the last day, the students peeled their tape off of the paper. This is where I will be making adjustments in the future. The tape stuck to the black construction paper and in some cases ripped the projects. For future, I believe that I will have the students use black poster board or another sturdy paper.

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