Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kindergarten Eric Carle

To begin this project, I showed the students the following YouTube video:

As the video was playing, I had the students focus their attention on how he was painting his tissue papers.

I set up painting stations at the tables. Each table had 1 plate of paint with 1 color of tempera. On the plate, I placed 2 textured rollers that I had purchased from School Specialty:
Textured Rollers 1
Textured Rollers 2
Textured Rollers 3

Each student got 1 piece of tissue paper that I had cut in half (more manageable for little hands). I showed them how to place this onto a piece of construction paper and hold it with their hands on the side (like they hold their cafeteria trays).

 Each student started at a table. They were allowed to roll the brayer 2 times in the paint (I showed them how to count out loud and pointed out that if they rolled more than 2 times, that the paint would run out and there was NO MORE paint!). Then they rolled 2 times onto their tissue paper. The brayers were placed back onto the paint plates.
 They picked up their construction paper/tissue paper, remembering to carry it like their cafeteria tray, and moved to another table. The process was repeated.
 Once they had used all of the colors, they brought their papers to me at the drying rack. Then they were allowed to wash their hands and sit on the carpet.
 As more students finished, I chose students who had finished to help pick up plates and brayers and start the cleaning process.

For the second day, I had cut the dried tissue paper into smaller pieces and sorted them into color tubs.

 Each table had a variety of shape tracers (ovals, circles, squares, rectangles, etc). After reading a few different Eric Carle books, the students chose an insect that they wanted to build using the collage method.
They chose the colored tissue paper that they wanted, traced the appropriate shape and glued the pieces onto a piece of white paper.
 Once their insect was finished, they used the paper to add details: flowers, sun, grass, etc.
 I have these stored for the summer and they will be put on display at the beginning of next year, when the students start first grade.

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