Monday, July 7, 2014

PreKinder Monoprint Flowers

The last project that PreK did for the year, was a monoprint project.

I gave each child a 12x18 piece of white paper and asked them to fold it in half.

They used squeeze bottles of paint (red, yellow, blue) and squirted paint on 1 side of the paper, near the fold. I demonstrated how to squirt a SMALL amount of paint and made a big deal about how they shouldn't use too much. After the demonstration, I only had 1 student who went overboard on the paint. Yea!!!

The refolded the paper and rubbed all over with their hands, spreading the paint out from the middle. When they opened the papers up, the "oohs", "wows", "awesomes", and "cools" were music to my ears!

We left these on the drying rack and cleaned up. End of day 1.

The next class, they came back and cut around their paint design. I gave each student a 18x24 piece of construction paper and they glued their "flower" at the top of the paper. Now on to the stem and leaves. I had pre-cut strips of green paper that only needed to be glued on to the paper. For the leaves, I made tracers (not my favorite thing in the world, but I needed to make sure that their leave were large enough for these big flowers). They traced 2 leaves, cut them out and glued them onto their flower.

I have these stored and ready to hang up in August when we go back to school.

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