Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Grade TAB- Architecture Studio

The second studio that I had up and running is the Architecture Studio (I make sure to use the word architecture and not blocks- working to help build the students vocabulary).

We went over the expectations for this studio and then I divided the class into 2 groups. Half went to Drawing and half went to Architecture.

The expectations for the Architecture Studio

I had been thrift shop scavenging over the summer in preparation for this studio, and I had been able to find a couple of sets of Lincoln Logs and large legos. I ordered a couple of sets of regular sets of Legos, so the students have a choice in their building material. 

Their favorite part of the entire process is using the digital cameras to take a picture of their buildings. I am still working on a way for the students to take a picture and have their name included in the photo. I am finding that once the picture is taken, I am unable to figure out who it belongs to. As of yet, all of their buildings still look the same. Suggestions???

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