Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Grade TAB- Painting Studio

The 3rd studio to get up and running was painting. This studio has 2 sets of expectations. One is for getting set up and one is for cleaning at the end of class.

After going over the expectations for this studio, the students chose which studio they wanted to go to. Now I am starting to limit how many go to each studio. As of this point: 
4 students- Painting Studio
1/2 of the rest of the class- Drawing Studio
1/2 of the rest of the class- Architecture Studio

At the painting studio, for now, I am limiting the students to one piece of paper and they are using tempera cakes. I have 2 different sized brushes available to them. Once we get deeper into the studio experience, I will offer them more options on the type of paint and brush that they would like to use. I believe that I will still limit them to 1 piece of paper, only because watercolor paper is so expensive and I am hoping that this will get them thinking about what they are painting on their one piece of paper, instead of rushing through so that they can get another piece of paper.

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