Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Grade TAB (Teaching Artistic Behavior)- Drawing Studio

My first graders are guinea pigs this year. I spent my summer researching TAB (Teaching Artistic Behavior). I did a lot of reading, web surfing and soul searching and decided to revamp the way I teach my first graders. Originally, I was going to do this with every grade level, but then decided that I valued my sanity. I am started with 1st grade this year and will add a grade each year.

I spent the first couple of class sessions teaching the students the routines that I wanted to see while they were in studio. We started with 1 studio- Drawing Studio. We practiced and practiced so that they would be able to work independently once more studios were open.

I have a table set up where the students can get inspiration for their drawings: toy animals, flowers, food, manikins, books, etc. They can use any combination of these items to help them get an idea for their drawing.

When working on their drawings, they have the choice of using crayons, color sticks or oil pastels. Eventually, I will add more choices, but I wanted to start out simple.

Here are the  Drawing Studio Rules

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