Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Grade Joan Miro's

Here are the projects that my students did last year: Joan Miro Portraits

This year, in keeping with the idea of choices, I used the same basic premise, however, I moved away from portraits, since we had already done a portrait when we studied Picasso. This time we did an abstract composition, which was a completely new, but fun concept for them.

After looking at a variety of Miro's paintings, I created a poster with the basic shapes and lines that the students saw in his artwork.

They used this poster to create their own composition, drawing a variety of shapes and lines onto a piece of black paper, using construction paper crayons.

Then, I gave them 3 choices for adding color: oil pastels, color sticks and tempera paint. The stipulation was that they had to choose something that they had NOT used on their Picasso.

They continued with the warm and cool color scheme and colored their entire piece. Pin It