Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kinder O'Keeffe Flowers

This is an adaptation of the project that I did with my kindergarten students last year.

Last year's projects: Kindergarten Georgia O'Keeffe

This year:

I decided to cut the paper in half this year and gave each student a 9 x 12" piece of watercolor paper. The size was much more manageable for painting.

When the flowers were dry, I gave each student a template to trace onto the back of their flower. We learned how to hold our scissors and they cut the general shape of a flower from their painting.

I had them glue these onto a piece of black paper.

They added details to their flower with crayons (I think I need to go back to using oil pastels for this part- the crayons did not show up as well as I would have like them to).

Then I gave the students 2 small pieces of green paper and showed them how to cut them into the shape of a leaf.

They glued these on ("just a dot, not a lot") and here are our finished products. Again, thanks to Mr. E for the inspiration on this one!
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